Materials on the History of the Town of Tskhinvali

This paper presents the census Book of the town of Tskhinvali (the document is kept at the National Centre of Manuscripts) dated to the second half of the 18th century. Various notes kept in the Book have been reviewed. One part of this document is attached in the paper.


Keywords: Tskhinvali, census, the 18th century.


Georgian Written Sources on Cyril of Alexandria’s Exegetical Catenae

This paper deals with the 11th-century Georgian translator Ephrem Mtsire's colophon in which he relates the history of creation of the exegetical collection Paul with Commentaries translated by him from Greek. Ephrem Mtsire provides valuable information concerning the work carried out by the compiler of Catena Collection, Cyril of Alexandria.

Keywords: Cyril of Alexandria, exegetics, catenae, Ephrem Mtsire.


Third Wave Georgian Immigrant Women in the USA: Problems of Americanization.

The present paper deals with such issues as: what the rate of Americanization among Georgian immigrant women of the third wave is, what impact the age, education level, social status have on this process; what role Christianity plays in keeping the Georgian immigrants' national consciousness. The conclusions are mainly based on the questionnaire conducted among the immigrants.

Keywords: woman, Georgian, immigrant, the USA.


Was it in 1928 that the data about Georgian manuscripts kept at the University of Graz became known in Georgia for the first time?

The academic circles became aware of the existence of the oldest Georgian manuscripts kept at the University of Graz in 1928 when A.Shanidze published Schuchardt's research on Georgian manuscripts that fell in his hands in the "Bulletin of the University of Tiflis". In reality, 30 years earlier Schuchardt reported about these manuscripts some of his colleges and a couple of organizations.

Keywords: Graz, Georgian manuscripts, Schuchardt, A.Khakhanashvili


On National, Political and Cultural Self-Identity of the Sharvashidze Princedom

In the present paper, national political and cultural self-identity of the Sharvashidze princedom, which representatives historically always unambiguously reflected Georgian cultural and political world, has been shown based on relevant historical sources.

Keywords: Sharvashidze, Abkhazia, Georgia.


The Culture of Writing in Medieval Abkhazia

 In this paper an assumption has been expressed that Georgian script occupied a leading part in the epigraphic culture of the medieval Abkhazia and all its calligraphic trends existed in other historical regions of Georgia were presented in it. The existence of other scripts has not been confirmed in Abkhazia at that period.

Keywords: Abkhazia, the Middle Ages, epigraphy, manuscripts, writing


The Fight of the Anti-Soviet Parties Against the Bolshevik Power in Adjara (1921)

 The present paper deals with the analysis of the struggle of anti-soviet parties in Adjara against the Bolshevik power in 1921. Against the background of anti-soviet protests, the repressions carried out by Bolsheviks against the parties often resulting in executions have been considered.

Keywords: Adjara, party, the year of 1921, anti-soviet.


Poetics of Grigol Robakidze’s Novels

This paper is the first attempt to define the poetics of Grigol Robakidze. The viewpoint that Robakidze's novels have established themselves as a new type of modernist novel, namely ontological novel has been discussed.

Keywords: poetics, ontological novel, mythos, tropology.


Structural and Compositional Organization of Plato’s Sophist

This paper deals with the issues of structural and compositional organization of Plato's Sophist. The method of structural analysis has been tried out in the study of this dialogue and its separate episodes. The obtained structures and their characteristics are presened.

Keywords: Plato, Sophist, structure, composition, dialogues.


Discourse of Socialist Realism and Some Peculiarities of Georgian Soviet Literature

 It is impossible to create a complete history of Georgian literature without in-depth, free of prejudice and unbiased study of Georgian Soviet literature from the vantage point of today. This paper deals with some peculiarities of Georgian literature of socialist realism: its attitude to life, traditions and "socialist realist happy ending".

Keywords: socialist realism, literature, ideology, happy ending.