Bela Shavkhelishvili

Bela Shavkhelishvili was born in 1950. She graduated from Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (the Faculty of Philology) in 1973. B. Shavkhelishvili defended a candidate dissertation entitled “The terms denoting kinship in the Nakh languages” and was awarded a degree of a candidate of Philological sciences. She is an author of 90 scientific works. B. Shavkhelishvili cooperates with Malmo University (Sweden). She teaches the Chechen language (online).
Current position: an invited professor of the Institute of Kartvelology at Sokhumi State University.
The spheres of interest: the Tsova-Tushian (the Batsbi), a lingvoculturological research of the Chechen and Ingush languages, the study of the Russian-Georgian-Vainakhian linguistic relations.