Konstantine Bregadze

Born 1974. Bachelors at the Faculty of European Languages and Literature (in German Studies) of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, (1996). M.A. course at the same University  and awarded Master of Arts (1998 ). PhD dissertation entitled "Philosophy of Novalis's Language" (2004).

K.Bregadze participated in numerous International and local scientific conferences in Georgia and Germany. He translated from German, supplied with extended commentaries and published poetic cycle of Novalisis's "Night Hymns" ("Hymnen an die Nacht") (Tbilisi, 2007); author of the scientific articales of the collection "Literary and Language Philosophical Sketches. Novalis, Goethe, V.Fon Humboldt.." (Tbilisi, 2009).

E-mail: tintorento@yahoo.com