Lela Ebralidze

Lela Ebralidze started her academic career at the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in 1999. At present she is conducting lecture courses for the MA programme “Translation and Intercultural Relations” teaching literary, juridical, academic translations, consecutive interpreting and the History of Translation in Georgia.
Associate Prof. Ebralidze is an author of the Georgian translations of English poetry published as Lyrical Mosaics: British and American Poets. Her English translations of Georgian poetry was published in the English version of the almanac New Century. She was involved in translating into English the epistles by his Holiness Catholicos Patriarch Ilia II.
Lela Ebarlidze is an author of scholarly works on the translation, rhythm and polysemic issues of poetic images. She defended her doctoral dissertation in 2014 on Poetic Image and its Transformation in Translation.

E-mail: elaebr@yahoo.com