Nino Megeneishvili

Nino Megeneishvili occupied different positions at the Department of Safeguarding Ancient Manuscripts (at the National Centre of Manuscripts): a head of the reading room (2002-2010); a guard of the depository of Georgian manuscripts (2010-2013); a guard of the depository of photo-microtapes and a chief specialist of the department (since 2014). Since 2016 Nino Megeneishvili has been a PhD student of the program “Georgian Literature” of the Faculty of Humanities at Samtskhe-Javakheti University. In 2006 Nino Megeneishvili was a participant of the project “The description of the unworked manuscripts of the Fond A”. In 2011 she described Latin manuscripts preserved at the National Centre of Manuscripts. In 2006 Nino Megeneishvili was a scientist-consultant of Ilia State University’s project “The programs of analysing and annotating of the contemporary Georgian language” “The creation of the internet-portal of the Knight in the Panther’s Skin”. Nino Megeneishvili participates in the local and international scientific conferences. She is an author of different papers.