Nino Mgaloblishvili

Nino Mgaloblishvili graduated from the Faculty of Design at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Nowadays, she is Professor, a head of Quality Assurance Office and a head of the Direction of Design of Fashion at the same academy. Nino Mgaloblishvili is PhD student of the program “Researches of Culture” at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She completed doctoral thesis on the problems of the theory of fashion. Nino Mgaloblishvili carries out active scientific, educational and teaching activities. She is an author of the first conception of the design-education in Georgia and a leader of many approved innovative educational programs as well as courses of lectures, for instance, her course “A Visual Merchandiser” is the first in the Georgian educational space. Nino Mgaloblishvili is an initiator and a leader of creative-educational international projects. She is a consultant-editor of the cognitive-educational book “Fashion. The Illustrated History” (2013, pp. 357). Nino Mgaloblishvili is an author of 30 publications. She systematically participates in international scientific conferences and holds personal exhibitions.