Ana Sakhvadze

Bachelor (2010); Master (2012) of the Program of Archaeology at TSU. Since 2012 - Doctoral student of the Program of Anthropology at TSU. Since 2014 - Assistant of a curator at Georgian National Museum. Projects: 1. “Tile Graves of Samtavro cemetery” (Shota Rustaveli National Foundation of Georgia) - 12.12.2016-12.12.2017. 2. “Samples of Georgian Goldsmith from Samtavro Cemetery – Interdisciplinary Research” (National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia) - 03.2018-08.2018. Articles: 1. Glass Unguentarium from Martvili Museum of Local Lore, Proceedings of Martini Museum of Local Lore, I, Tbilisi, 2017. 2. Late Antique Form-Made Imported Glass Vessels on the Territory of Georgia, Studies in Caucasian Archaeology, I, Tbilisi, 2012. 3. Late Antique Glass Vessel from Sergi Makalatia Gori Historical and Ethnographical Museum, Archaeological Collection, Vol. I, Gori, 2011. 4. Dynamics of Imported Glass Vessel in the Early Antique Georgia, Students’ and Young Scientists’ Symposium Proceedings, Vol. I, Batumi, 2009. Conferences: “Red painted Pottery from Urbnisi“ – “Archaeological Wednesdays”, Georgian National Museum, 02.2018.