Ivane Tsereteli

Ivane Tsereteli has earned a PhD degree in History. In his capacity as Associate Professor at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, he is pursuing research in Culture Studies. I. Tsereteli has published extensively. His works include: 2017 - „Challenges of Liberalization and Modernization: according to the Georgian Civil Calendar” (CES Working Papers – Volume IX, Issue 3), 2015– “Other or Enemy – Georgian Perceprion of the Ossetians in an Earlier Period of Independence (according to the Newspaper Sakartvelos Respublika), (Civilization Researches, N13), 2014 – co-authored with David Matsaberidze – “Identity Narrative of Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Ossetians and Abkhaz” in “Identity Narratives in Georgia: The Origins of Multiethnic Georgian Nation” (1860-1918)“.
Ivane Tsereteli’s research interests include: issues of identity, politics of memory, collective trauma, transition challenges.

E-mail: ivane.tsereteli@tsu.ge