Natia Poniava

Natia Poniava has graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Faculty of Philology). Currently, she is a PhD student in Linguistics at the same Faculty. Natia Poniava is a Research Fellow at TSU Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics. Her research focuses on the Kartvelian and Abkhaz-Abaza languages. Author of twenty publications, she has co-authored A Frequency Dictionary of Georgian-Abkhaz-English published in Poland, and a chapter on linguistics in the book entitled Tao-Klarjeti. Historical and Cultural Essays (published in Georgian, English and Turkish languages). Laz Texts by Nodar Kakabadze has been prepared for publication and translated into Georgian by N. Poniava. She regularly participates in local as well as international academic conferences, and research grant projects.