Rusudan Gersamia

Rusudan Gersamia a specialist of the Kartvelian languages; Rusudan Gersamia was awarded an academic degree in 2004, for the work “Lexical Synonymous in the Megrelian Language”. She is the co-author of monographs: Linguistic Analysis of the Megrelian Language [2010]; Morphemic glossily between the lines (Part 1), Megrelian Texts (Part 2) [2012].
Rusudan Gersamia has been the author and co-author of the four research projects funded by the Rustaveli National Science Foundation (2006-2009, 2008-2011, 2013-2015, 1013-1016); She was also a researcher of the Volkswagen Stiftung (Germany) (2015); Rusudan Gersamia was also a lecturer at the summer and winter schools of "digital humanities” of Tbilisi State University and Batumi State University, financed by the same funds (2014; 2015; 2016).
She is the author of 50 scientific publications; actively takes parts in national and international scientific conferences, symposia, seminars and colloquiums. Rusudan Gersamia is a member of the linguistic circle at the University of Frankfurt (Germany).
Her sphere of interests are Kartvelian languages (Morphology of the Megrelian and Laz languages, morphology, semantics, comparative grammar) and corpus Linguistics.